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Welcome to Silesia Guitars, the guitar repair shop in Shoreline that is dedicated to taking good care of your dear friend, the guitar. We are located in Shoreline, just 15 min north of downtown Seattle. Our work consists of repairs of anything from broken headstocks and cracked guitar tops, through replacing/installing electronics and custom inlays. Just need a set up or a string change? No problem! We try to accommodate any needs, big or small. Usually, the cheaper the guitar, the more it would benefit from being professionally set up. Evaluations are free, so stop by with your guitar today and let's talk about how we can help you get the most out of it!

We also offer guitar/bass lessons for all levels and ages. Ask us about our teachers, they are eager to share their skills.

Acoustic Bridge Replacement

This Washburn came in for an overhaul. The owner wanted the Fishman Matrix acoustic pickup installed, and for best tone, installing a bone saddle is recommended. With it's original bridge, the install is impossible. The metal saddle "holder" is way too wide and interferes with the functionality of a piezo pickup. We decided to take off the old, crummy bridge and outfit it with a new ebony one, with a narrow slot, perfect for a piezo pickup install. Check out the pictures of before, in process and after:

The new bridge has a slightly different footprint than the old one. But the trace is nearly invisible. We installed the pickup and handcrafted a bone saddle, cut for intonation, and this guitar is ready to sing!  

Refret gone wrong

It is truly awful seeing a nice guitar being botched by an unexperienced luthier. This one had a bad misfortune of being refretted, and as you can see, it's fingerboard got really badly chipped due to reckless fret removal. We were given the honor of redoing the work and setting it straight, which included a full refret and filling in the pits and masking them the best we could. While we (and our client) are happy with the result, we were baffled that this beautiful Gibson had left anybody's shop in that condition. Ba careful folks, choose your luthier wisely!

Inlay Dots Replacement

Sometimes you might just want to upgrade your guitar's looks. Give it a little face lift, so to speak. One of our customers decided that the crappy, plastic inlay dots have to go. We set him up with real abalone dots, which gave the fingerboard a nice looking shimmer and shine! Since abalone is a natural material, every piece is unique and has it's own character and color. 

Usually, if someone wants custom inlays on the fingerboard, we need to remove the frets, but to replace simple dots like this does not require that extra step, so it doesn't break the bank either! A fun way to bejewel your guitar, we think. We also have other materials available- check with us and make your guitar special! 

The original plastic dots.

The original plastic dots.

The upgraded, abalone inlay dots.

The upgraded, abalone inlay dots.

custom inlay dots

Here's another example in mother of pearl- simple yet elegant! 

Original plastic dots

Original plastic dots

The new mother of pearl dots.

The new mother of pearl dots.

String Savers

One of our customers had problems staying in tune on both of her Gibsons with a tune-o-matic style bridge. Here is what we suggested:

1. Replace the saddles! The sharp metal points of the saddles tend to bite into the strings and don't let them slide freely when the tension changes.

2. Same can happen with the nut slots, especially when the nut is made out of plastic, or the slots are not wide enough. Even though you perfectly tune your guitar, once you strum hard or bend a string, tension can get released and knock your string out of tune.

We recommended installing String Savers- replacement saddles made out of graphite. Graphite is commonly placed in the nut slots to aid string friction, so it only makes sense to put it on your bridge saddles too. They are especially good for people with the notorious corrosive sweat issue, that tends to ruin the hardware on their guitars. 

New bone nut is also installed to ensure minimal wear and problems and the guitar is set to go! Very important additional tip: always stretch your strings and tune UP rather than DOWN in pitch. Even if you have some problems with strings sticking, it will help you to stay in tune. 

Crack repair on a Taylor acoustic guitar

Cracks in your acoustic guitar body can be devastating. They can be caused by impact or simply by exposure to drought, which causes the wood to shrink and crack. Fortunately, most of them are an easy fix, and if you're lucky, they can be made to be very close to invisible. The biggest trick is to get it right the first time- once there is glue in the crack, you will not be able to remove it in case you feel like doing it over! 

Cracked guitar top

This crack was nice enough to split pretty "cleanly" and it is easy to fix. To do that, we first have to make sure that the wood isn't dried out and there isn't a gap between the two sides that need to be glued together. If so, the guitar will need to be humidified first. 

The crack gets filled with glue and three cleats are made to be placed along the break in between the braces on the inside of the top. We glue them in place with help of rare earth magnets. The next day the crack is almost invisible- you only see it cause you know it's there!

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